Pell Grant Application

Because the Pell Grant is available to students through the federal government funding program for students with financial need, your eligibility and award funding will be managed by the application process for these government funded grant. The process of consideration requires the student and the student’s family to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

Students in high school can obtain a copy of this form and the instruction booklet from their counseling office or they may complete the form online. In most cases, the process will be completed more quickly and efficiently if the student can complete an online form. If you have already completed your FAFSA form, you will be notified if you are eligible for the Pell Grant, or for any other government funded program for low-income families.

You will complete the FAFSA form for the first time prior to starting your freshman undergraduate year, and then update your form each year as you progress through your college undergraduate term. Each year, you will be asked to include information about your parent or guardian income, your financial need and your grades, etc. This information is the foundation for the federal funding decision for each student.

So the first step in applying for the Pell Grant is to complete or update your FAFSA form on or after July 1st of each year.

If you have already completed a FAFSA application, go back to the FAFSA website (, and review Step 3 in the application. Choose the section entitled, “Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA.” Once you have updated the information that has changed, e.g. annual income, etc., save and submit the edited form. You will be notified by email or regular postal delivery if and when you receive Pell Grant funding.
If you have not completed a FAFSA application, go to the website (, and complete your FAFSA using the instructions provided in the “Fill out a FAFSA” section. Be sure to apply early because this money is available on a first-come, first-served, basis.

When you complete your first FAFSA application, you will answer questions that determine your eligibility for the Pell Grant, among other government grants and funding. After you save and submit your initial FAFSA application, you will be notified by email or regular postal delivery if and when you receive Pell Grant funding.

Make copies of every form you submit in case you need them for reference. After the FAFSA is submitted and reviewed, you will receive a SAR that will tell you how much aid, if any, you can expect, and whether you are eligible for a Pell Grant. If you look on your Student Aid Report (SAR), you will find an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) number that ranks your financial need and eligibility. This is the number the Department of education will use to determine your eligibility.